About Us

Welcome to Perivoj, the unique Split café and restaurant whose main characteristics, besides the high catering quality, are a spacious garden and beautiful architecture from the period of Art Nouveau Movement from the beginning of 20th century.
Mr. Kamilo Tončić noble Sorinjski (1878.-1961.), one of the most famous architects of Croatian Art Nouveau Movement, imagined it as a family villa with a beautiful garden covering more than a 1000 m2. The designer of the villa was Mr. Karel Beneš from Prague, a well known architect and Mr. Tončić’s friend. The owner himself worked out the outlines of the villa and till his old age he took care about the garden.
Today, both, the villa and the garden are under the protection of the Croatian Ministry of Culture.
The south facade of the villa viewing the garden is architecturally the most interesting part: a rectangular glass veranda, stone stairs, the terrace decorated with the relieves of eagles. It testifies the early use of concrete in the construction industry. The interior of the villa is still the same. Mr.Tončić was the author of some other important buildings from the Art Nouveau Movement in the center of Split such as Sulfur Spa from 1903. and ‘’The Croatian Home’’ from 1908. which you can see in the street named after him.
The special beauty of all this is the pleasure garden in front of the south facade, the real work of art of horticulture, with Mediterranean balmy, aromatic plants, palm trees, cypresses and rare kind of white roses.There are also some folklore motives sculptured by the students of Prof. Tončić, who was the principal of the vocational school in Split. 
Centerpiece of the pleasure garden is a big fountain sculptured in a white stone.  The green oasis, almost in the center of the ancient town of Split, is the area created to relax and meditate, and to enjoy the high quality catering. For sure, behind the walls of villa, you’ll find the protected place, nice and pleasant for your eye and spirit.