About Us

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Perivoj, a haven of serenity nestled within the vibrant city of Split. Step into a world where the allure of exceptional catering is magnified by the ethereal charm of a spacious garden and exquisite architecture from the revered Art Nouveau Movement of the early 20th century.

Imagined by the visionary architect Mr. Kamilo Tončić noble Sorinjski (1878-1961), Perivoj was originally conceived as a familial villa, adorned with a sprawling garden that encompasses over 1000 m2. Collaborating with the esteemed architect Mr. Karel Beneš from Prague, a dear friend of Mr. Tončić, the villa’s design came to life. Through the years, Mr. Tončić himself meticulously nurtured the garden, pouring his love and care into its flourishing beauty.

Today, this timeless treasure holds the distinction of being safeguarded by the Croatian Ministry of Culture, a testament to its historical significance. The south facade of the villa, facing the captivating garden, stands as an architectural marvel, captivating the beholder’s gaze. A sight to behold, its rectangular glass veranda, stone stairs, and terrace adorned with majestic eagle reliefs speak of the pioneering use of concrete in the construction industry. Step inside, and you will discover an interior that has withstood the test of time, preserving the legacy of Mr. Tončić’s brilliance.

Mr. Tončić’s profound impact on the Art Nouveau Movement extends beyond Perivoj. He graced the center of Split with other architectural gems, including the Sulfur Spa, built in 1903, and “The Croatian Home,” completed in 1908. Stroll through the streets that bear his name, and you will find remnants of his artistic vision etched into the cityscape.

Yet, the true allure lies within the captivating pleasure garden that unfolds before the south facade—a mesmerizing work of horticultural artistry. Picture a sanctuary adorned with Mediterranean wonders, where balmy breezes carry the intoxicating aromas of aromatic plants, while slender palm trees sway in graceful harmony. Majestic cypresses stand as sentinels of tranquility, and rare white roses bestow their ethereal beauty upon the landscape. Delighting the eye and captivating the soul, the garden’s pathways reveal meticulously sculpted folklore-inspired motifs, masterfully crafted by Prof. Tončić’s talented students—a testament to his dedication to nurturing the next generation of artists.

In the heart of this verdant oasis, a magnificent fountain sculpted from glistening white stone takes center stage, its gentle waters whispering tales of timeless elegance. Within this secluded paradise, embraced by the ancient charm of Split, find respite and contemplation, as your palate delights in our exceptional culinary offerings. Be assured that beyond these walls, you will discover a sanctuary that transcends the ordinary, a sanctuary where beauty unfolds at every turn, creating an experience that will forever linger in your heart.

Welcome to Perivoj, where extraordinary moments are woven with the threads of timeless beauty, offering solace to the weary soul and captivating the senses in a symphony of enchantment.